Maryport Rescue

Maryport Rescue has been saving lives and helping the Cumbrian Community for over 30 years and over the last 12 months they have gained lots of well-deserved recognition.

From heading out to sea to tackling the countless floods Cumbria has endured over the years they have always been on hand to help where necessary.

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They are an independent Lifeboat Rescue service as well as a swift water/flood

rescue team and their services have been a huge asset to our community. They are proud to now be founding members of the National Independent Lifeboat Association.

Maryport Rescue is one of 54 independent lifeboat rescue stations in the country. The National Independent Lifeboat Association (NILA) is a new charity which aims to raise awareness and funds for independent stations all across the UK with 29 having already joined.

Michael Messenger, from Maryport Rescue, said: “It’s a fantastic thing to be a part of, especially being founding members. We operate so much more than just a lifeboat service, with a Swiftwater and flood team as well. There are over 50 Independent Lifeboat stations in the UK and one of the reasons behind NILA is to raise awareness of all Independent Lifeboats as everyone associates Lifeboats with the RNLI which is not the case. So it’s important we get the message out there especially when it comes to raising funds.”

Currently, Maryport Rescue is made up of over 35 highly trained volunteers. The service is on-call 24/7 and are called out for many incidents, this year alone they have responded to 35 callouts!

They have also this year been accepted on the National Asset register DEFRA for National deployment to major flooding incidents. This means if there are any major incidents, anywhere in the country they could be called on to assist. There are a lot of criteria to be met to be accepted by this organisation and it says a lot for Maryport Rescue that they are now on the database!

The station has also recently been accepted by RESCUE 3 international. This means that they can now train all of their volunteers in-house! Michael said: “It’s going to be so much better for all of us. In the past we have had to travel as far as Wales for training! This means we can save both money and time. Also, we are in the final stages of hopefully becoming a Royal Yachting Association training centre after many years of work so watch this space for more information!”

It really has been an excellent year for Maryport Rescue. Remember the team give up hours of their own free time to undertake regular training to ensure they can provide the community with a fantastic, vital life-saving service… They are real-life heroes.

There are many ways you can support Maryport Rescue, you can fundraise for them, donate directly or take part in the Lifeboat Lottery for the chance to win £5000 and help a good cause.

Why not buy one of their calendars for 2023. Also, they have a fantastic range of t-shirts – hoodies – caps & hats – they also have a sale rail at the Station.

Call in and visit Maryport Rescue and get a bargain whilst supporting a great cause.

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