Grisdales – Supporting Life’s Property Journey

Grisdales – Supporting Life’s Property Journey

Did you know that Grisdales are celebrating their 25th birthday next year? 

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With our crisp new branding launched in May, we know it’s hard to believe we’re almost a quarter of a century old!

Back in our early days no one could have imagined booking a holiday without a travel agent, shopping without visiting the high street or paying a bill without dropping in at the bank. Technology has changed the way we all do things including the way people buy and sell their homes – in fact, Google and Rightmove weren’t even around when we first opened our doors! 

The internet has given rise to online estate agents which often leads to the question; ‘what’s the difference between a full-service agent and an online agent?’.

Fully equipped with a local team, high street agents like us have a brick-and-mortar office and combine traditional estate agency practises with online marketing techniques. In comparison, online agents operate exclusively on the internet, often using the web as their only tool in the buying and selling process.

Sellers using Grisdales can expect an inclusive service that includes sale boards, marketing, accompanied viewings and full management of the overall sales process including offer negotiations and renegotiations, solicitor interaction and regular sales progression reviews – all the while supporting sellers along their journey with any queries and worries. Those opting to use an online agent gain access to advertising platforms such as Rightmove and can expect to manage the entire sales process themselves.

Whereas our fees are paid upon completion, many online agents receive their commission upfront with addition charges for sale boards, carrying out viewings and offer negotiations, so it’s important sellers always check the small print beforehand. 

Determined to settle the ongoing debate over who comes out on top, consumer advice group The Advisory compared the results of those selling via an online agent against those who used a full-service agent. Interestingly, they found that properties advertised online without any further promotion had 50% less viewings than properties promoted both online and offline by traditional agents. As well as generating more interest, properties marketed by the likes of Grisdales produced 64% more offers than online agents. The Advisors reported; ‘without the involvement of a traditional agent, almost three quarters of homes would either; not have sold, taken longer to sell or needed a price reduction’. 

Rachel Ritson, Managing Director, agrees that technology has revolutionised modern-day estate agency but adds “this study highlights what a full-service agent brings to the table and it’s their local knowledge and expertise that often gets overlooked”. Rachel advises that “buying and selling your home is a major life event and having a professional and local expert on hand can be invaluable in making your journey as smooth and stress-free as possible”.   

The study also reported that traditional agents achieve 5% more on the sale of their properties over their counterparts. With the average selling price of a detached property in Cockermouth coming in around £315,000 that’s a potential loss of over £15,000 for those relying solely on the internet to sell. Gavin Brazg, author of the study, advises sellers to consider the ‘walkaway’ sum over attractive fees offered by many online agents. 

Rightmove recently described the ‘buyer frenzy’ of 2021, with a record number of people looking to purchase a new home outweighing the number of homes for sale. Combined with rising asking prices, the increase in countryside and coastal relocators, low interest rates and 95% mortgages – there really isn’t a better time to sell in West Cumbria.

For advice on buying and selling in West Cumbria or to book a FREE PROPERTY VALUATION visit

Grisdales – Supporting Life’s Property Journey – Grisdales – Supporting Life’s Property Journey – Grisdales – Supporting Life’s Property Journey


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