The Laundry Studio, Workington

Air your dirty laundry at the only in house dry cleaners in west Cumbria.

That feeling of despair at the overflowing washing basket, is only too familiar. At The Laundry Studio in Workington, with over 15 years of experience, the friendly team take care of everything, offering an array of dry cleaning, washing, drying, ironing and folding services.

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An award winning and well established business, they have invested heavily in the best equipment to allow them to provide same day services, while ensuring the the laundry is fresh and clean. As the only in house dry cleaners in west Cumbria, The Laundry Studio offer 24 hour dry cleaning services, something unique to the area.

Owner, Wendy Park said: “Although we’ve been there all these years, a lot of people don’t realise that we offer an in-house dry cleaning service. Why send it away, which takes three weeks, when we’re just down the road?”

The Laundry Studio have their own machines on site, to enable them to dry clean everything from wedding attire to curtains and duvets and even launder bedding for small guest houses. There are price points to suit everyone and always ongoing special offers, such as the unsurprisingly popular, holiday suitcase package.

There’s nothing worse than returning from the holiday of a lifetime, to a week of washing, drying and ironing. The Laundry Studio offers a deal which allows customers to have their whole suitcase laundered for just £29.95. Drop it off and receive it back with their luggage laundered, washed, dried and folded, ready for the next trip.

Wendy said: “We can launder just about anything at all. People can drop their laundry off on the way to work and pick it up on the way home all done, ready to put away. Our customers come back time and time again.”

She added: “If anybody is looking for a laundry in any shape or form just contact us.”

 For prices and more information contact 01900 870 087

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