Your Museum Needs You

Your Museum needs you !

Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life in Carlisle Castle are looking for Young Volunteers aged 15 to 20 years old interested to join their youth group.
The Museum will be hosting their first meeting of the new academic year on Sunday 4 September 2016, 1pm-4pm.

The Youth group will have the opportunity of exploring the Museums extensive collections, learn new skills, get involved in major museum projects and of course the opportunity to meet new people and have fun.

Last year the group developed their own 16 minute film with Eden Films based around the Lonsdale Battalion, The “Pals” Battalion brought together to fight during the first World War. They used archives, object and photographs from the collections as well as going out on location to make the film that was recently showcased at the opening of the Museum’s Voices from the Somme Exhibition.
The previous year the group were the driving force for an exhibition on Gallipoli. The group viewed original letters and diaries organised a community exhibition and preview and a special commemorative service.

Jules Wooding, Learning and Access Office at the Museum said:
“This is our third year of recruiting young people to the group and is great for UCAS applications as well as CV’s and developing a new range of skills and knowledge that may help with their education. It also gives us not so young the opportunity to see differing viewpoints and perspectives.”
For further information or if you cannot attend the 4 September date please contact Jules on (01228) 532774 or email

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