Workington Town Council to Announce New Mayor

The new Mayor of Workington will be announced at Mayor Making Ceremony at the Carnegie Theatre later this month.

A special ceremony which will name the new Mayor for 2017-2018, will take place on 26 May at 7pm in the Carnegie Theatre & Arts Centre.

The ceremony, which will last approximately 45 minutes, will be open to the public, who are invited to meet the new Mayor and Council members for 2017-2018.  A buffet will also be provided.

Workington Town Council elects a chairman every year at its Mayor Making ceremony.  The chairman of the Town Council is known as the Mayor of Workington and will inherit the insignia of the old Municipal Borough of Workington, which was abolished in 1974. The Mayor will be elected by fellow councillor to serve for one year.

As well as chairing the council’s meetings, the Mayor has a Civic role as the first citizen of Workington. They represent the town at civic functions and are a focus for the town council’s civic role and heritage. The Mayor is accompanied in their year of office by a Mayoress or Consort. There is also a Deputy Mayor, who stands in for the Mayor when required. The Deputy Mayor, when acting in the Mayor’s role, has all the powers and duties of the Mayor.

All members of the public and press are invited to attend the event.

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