Whitehaven’s history takes shape in the Greenbank Mural

The Colourful North is a social enterprise with a view of changing the way people see the towns and Industrial sites they see every day.  They aim to transform Industrial, dull, bland and uninspiring buildings into street art masterpieces for an entire community to enjoy.

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Matt Labourne runs the Colourful North and he has commissioned renowned artist Andrew Burns Colwill to bring Whitehaven’s history to life on a Greenbank wall.   The project is expected to take up to ten days and judging by the tooting horns, friendly questions and talkative locals the project has proven to be a success… and it’s only half-finished!!

The Industrial bland brickwork within Cumbrian area is perfect for professional works of art to inspire young and old, rich or poor introducing colour to a community which has not benefited from previously. Addressing and promoting creativity with dynamic mural workshops will be paramount to offer all walks of life, the opportunity to feel a part of the changes allowing individuals to either paint or spray paint within constructive community events.

The Colourful North aims to promote culture through art with the residents of the Cumbrian community, allowing both residents and tourists visiting the opportunity to invest in themselves through colourful adaptions of brickwork.

This mural is for the whole community so come down and be part of the open day this Saturday which starts at 12 pm.  For more information on the Colourful North, you can read our feature here.



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