West Cumbria Mining: Community Update March 2017


It has been a busy start to the year so far, with documentation being prepared for our planning submission in May and two days of popular public update events at the beginning of March.

Our offshore exploration programme is due to begin in April and will see our team of geologists working from a jack-up barge off the coast of Cumbria. WCM will be hosting further open days in June, dates will be published via our website and social media once finalised.

Community Update Event – 3rd/4th March 2017

WCM hosted two days of public consultation at its Haig office to update the public on the latest plans and progress of the project. Almost 1100 people attended this event with over 500 completing a feedback form. The atmosphere over the two days was very positive with people commenting on the quality and level of information on display, plus the availability of the entire WCM team being on hand to answer questions, on all aspects of the project. The feedback showed that 99% of people felt pleased or OK about the new mine with 100% feeling that it is exciting and will bring jobs. Some of the questions received via the feedback forms are answered overleaf. WCM also asked attendees to fill in a postcard to state if they were or were not supportive of the mine planning application. Of the 508 cards completed, 506 were in favour and 2 were against.


WCM has been offering people the opportunity to pre-register interest in future roles by completing a registration form. The process, which began at the end on July 2016, closes on 31st March 2017. Applications received by this date will be categorised into groups relating to the type of role applied for and then recruitment days will be organised to assess the candidates and give further information on the future roles.

Q&A: Your Feedback Counts

At our recent event, a number of people came with questions and had the opportunity to ask these directly and be sure they were satisfied with the response. Be sure to raise your questions through our website or email.


How are you going to give priority to the large grey partridge population that currently lives along the coastal strip?

Whilst WCM will not be working in the coastal strip, our ecologists have noticed a covey of partridges (between 6-8 individuals) that were present on the Marchon site, and which are likely to be using the site as part of a much larger network of habitats. The habitat creation schemes in the bunding that WCM will be creating (low- growing but well-structured and well-connected habitats) are likely to be beneficial for the partridges, and should link well into the coastal populations of these birds.

How is the consultation process publicised?

Once the planning application has been received WCM will be issued a case reference number and there will be a public consultation period of 21 days for people to put in letters of support or objection. As soon as WCM have received this information it will be publicised via our website, social media channels, local newspapers and magazines and to all those registered on our information and employment databases. WCM will hold an update event for people to visit the offices to see final plans and speak to the team.

Will the public be regularly informed about the progress of the project?

WCM currently try and keep the public informed about the progress of the project through regular update events, drop-in sessions, social media, local radio, company website and newsletters. You can register to receive newsletters and information on events through our website at www.westcumbriamining.com.

Will you be holding more events?

There will be further open days in June and throughout the year, dates for these will be released closer to the time. When will interviews and recruitment take place?Once the pre-registration period has closed on 31st March, individual applications will be processed and applicants will be invited to attend recruitment open days for roles in their requested field such as underground, office or surface work. All applicants will be screened, asked to complete a short competency test and then the successful applicants will be asked to attend an interview at a later date.

Can you take your coal trains south rather than north?

WCM have looked into this again following on from the April events, however there is not enough capacity on the line going south to make it a feasible option to move all trains south. We will continue to evaluate options.

Are there any restrictions on women working underground?

None whatsoever, WCM actively encourage applications from women for all underground roles.

For more information email: info@westcumbriamining.com, call: 01946 848333 or visit our website at: www.westcumbriamining.com


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