Tot Spot offer free child care for mothers attending cervical screening

The story of Workington woman Susan Rumney is heartbreaking.  At 26 the mother of 4 has been diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer and Angie Greasley was so moved she decided to do something that could help other women before a similar terrible situation arises.  

As the owner of Tot Spot in Whitehaven she is offering free child care to any mother attending her smear test.

“We have the facilities, we have the staff, we are in the town centre where all the doctors are it just made sense to offer this to women who really need to have their tests.  I’ve put it off myself, I’ve had three reminder letters last year and I kept making excuses and thinking my mum was at work and what was I going to do with the kids. It was the kids that was the issue but when I saw that poor girl in Workington I thought she maybe didn’t attend because she has four young kids, what was she going to do with them?”

As with all cancers early detection is key which means regular testing is important.  Missing appointments and putting things off is really not in anyone’s best interest. The smear test for cervical cancer is not something a woman is going to look forward too and like all these things it’s easy to put it off but Angie hopes this is one less obstacle for women attending their test.

“When you know what time your test is give us a ring and let us know when you’d like to drop them off.  It doesn’t matter when, it doesn’t matter how many kids, if you’re struggling for childcare we’re happy to help.  Just drop them off for the hour or so and that’s one thing less to worry about.” said Angie.

Tot Spot is located on Roper Street in Whitehaven.  Call 01946 67416 or 07746 687209 and the staff will be happy to help.

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