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Cumbria Tackle

Photo: Cumbria Tackle – Chris Parry catches a smooth hound off the Whitehaven coast

From coast to coarse, Paul Armstrong from Cumbria Tackle shares his fishing tips for the summer.

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West Cumbria has an incredibly diverse coast line that lends itself to some amazing fishing opportunities for either the novice or seasoned angler.

Recently our coast has been producing an amazing variety of fish including pollock, cod, thornback rays, smooth hounds and more recently a small tope, all from the piers. Methods and baits have varied with bluey and squid proving to be most popular with the rays. It’s important to consider your hook size carefully when targeting specific species, despite the thornback rays getting on for double figures they still only have a small mouth. Keep your hooks and baits appropriate and you won’t go far wrong once the fish move in to feed.

For the coarse anglers amongst us, Mirehouse pond in Whitehaven has been fishing well recently and producing good numbers of carp on the bottom pond, as well as reasonable bags on the match pond. It is certainly a pond worth considering when looking for a venue to put the day in.


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