The Whitemare menu

´SOUP OF THE DAY (V) £5.00 — served with Home-baked Bread

ABLOW TORCHED CORNISH MACKERAL £7.00 — With Sweet and Sour Candied Beetroot and Chive Creme Fraiche ´

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GOATS CHEESE RISOTTO BALLS £6.00 — with roasted vegetables & Rocket salad

PAN SEARED SCOTTISH SCALLOPS £10.00 — served with Cauliflower puree, crispy Cumbrian Chorizo & Curry oil

STEAMED SCOTTISH MUSSELS £7.00 — 500g of Scottish Mussels steamed in White Wine, Garlic Butter, Parsley, Lemon and Shallots

HALF PINT OF PRAWNS £7.50 — A Half Pint of Shell on Prawns. Served with Lime Mayonnaise & Flat Bread ´

BRUSCHETTA BOARD £6.00 — An Italian Bruschetta base topped with a Rich Tomato Sauce & Grilled with 5 Cheeses – Why not try one to share…..

ATREACLE CURED SEA-TROUT £7.50 — Freshly Cured Sea-trout served with Lemon Purée, Beetroot, Lemon Confit and Lemon Oil

ACHILLI LIME & GINGER CRAB CAKES £7.00 — Served with a Fresh Mango Salsa

WOODALL’S CUMBRIAN SAUSAGE & BLACK PUDDING SCOTCH EGG £7.00 — Served with Hawkshead relish picalli A”BACK TO THE 80’S”

WHITEMARE CLASSIC CRISPY WHITEBAIT £6.50 — Served with Smoked paprika Mayonnaise ´

OVEN BAKED CAMEMBERT £7.00 — Baked till nice & gooey

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Phone Number: 01946 841246

Address: The White Mare CA21 2XS Beckermet Cumbria


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