TEG: Transforming the High Street

TEG: Transforming the High Street

Well, that’s the aim. You may have heard of TEG but haven’t a clue about who they are or what they do. Well, let me explain.

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TEG is short for The Entrepreneurs Group; they have been holding monthly markets in Whitehaven, giving people free stalls to trade from and helping to develop their business and take it from the kitchen table to the high street.

TEG also offers a mentorship programme to anyone who wants to either start up a business or develop it further, with the end result being to operate from a physical unit on the high street.

TEG is a community where help is on hand, offering advice and guidance, ultimately helping people make their business idea a reality and take on a shop of their own.

Doing so and taking back the high streets will help not only the person operating such a business but also the community overall.

Who doesn’t want to see our high streets thriving once again and overflowing with local independents?

TEG Business Hub: TEG is in the process of securing a building that will play host to many new startups, which will lead to many moving onto the high street and into a shop of their own.

Think back to the Lonsdale Centre in Whitehaven, which played host to many businesses back in the day, many of which are still trading today. One such business is Crown Celebrations, whose owner Patrick Bissett said, “The Lonsdale did a lot of good for us; it opened new opportunities as we started retailing—then came a second, then a third shop.

That hub not only helped us survive, but it catapulted my business and was a big winner in the grand scheme of things. Having that opportunity to have that affordable space was transformative.”

What really sets TEG apart is the continual mentorship programme, which ensures no business stands alone. Whatever problems arise while navigating your way through business, you have help on hand constantly.

As well as their much-lauded mentorship programme, TEG will help with courses and small grants to get the ball rolling.

It’s all about sustainable retail, ensuring businesses have the best chance and best resources at hand and continual help, ensuring they have the best tools to not only survive but thrive and grow.

For more information on the TEGretail Hub –

The Market and the courses,  get in touch with

[email protected] or retail.teguk.co.uk

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