Record-Breaking Weekend for West Cumbria Mining

The community shows overwhelming support for West Cumbria Mining as open days saw over 1000 people through the door.

We need your support, Helen Davies

The weekend has been a huge success for West Cumbria Mining as more people were in attendance at the open day on Saturday, than at any event previously. The open days were held for the general public to find out about employment opportunities, what the project involves and how it is all progressing.

Zoe Bettinson from St Bees, picking up some information for her job seeking husband.

The West Cumbria Mining project proposes to create over 500 permanent roles, with impressive indicative salary levels and employee benefits. They also intend to employ up to 50 apprentices at any one time on an Apprenticeship Scheme.

With this in mind, the open days have attracted a whole range of age demographics, from college engineering students to experienced miners from the industry.

Former miner and rugby league legend Eddie Bowman aged 72. Eddie worked as a miner for 25 years down the pit from the age of 15 until it closed in 1984.

Helen Davies, Communications Manager said: “We had close 1100 people through the doors, with more people on Saturday than at any event before, and there was lots of new faces and interest.”

She continued: “There was quite a mixture of ages, with a lot more younger people this time; the age demographic has changed with a lot of people in their mid 20s to 40s looking at potential employment opportunities. We also had quite a lot of ex-miners come up from Yorkshire to look at possible opportunities for experienced miners.”

Miners from the North East, left to right, Marc Kane, William Douthwaite and Brian kane. Looking for a job.

The backing of the general public is vital to the success of the project and the team have been monitoring feedback carefully from the beginning. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with levels of support expected to be over 90%.

Speaking at the event on Friday, CEO Mark Kirkbride said: “It fits really well into the history of West Cumbria. It appeals to a lot of people from this area who have got a lot of mining legacy in their family history, it’s in a diverse location and it’s good jobs.”

Geologist Ben Francis, with a large core sample of Brockram Breccia and a sample of Mainbrand Coal. Over years old.

The planning application for the project will be submitted by the end of May, with a decision expected by October this year. The next West Cumbria Mining update event will be held in June.

Pre-registration for applicants closes on 31st March. Visit

Images taken by Jim Davis

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