Katie Grosovenor Design

Katie Grosovenor Design

Katie Grosvenor is a quirky artist from Ulverston, her artwork is totally unique and instantly recognisable. Her playful use of colours and textured images create beautiful pieces.

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Katie has been interested in art her whole life, this was further encouraged by her mother. She attended Kendal art college and later gained a degree at Leeds university in printed textiles and surface pattern design.

It was only recently that Katie found a unique niche that works perfectly for her and things are really starting to roll now, she said: “I have finally found my own style and niche that I love doing. I’m so lucky to live somewhere as beautiful as Cumbria, it really drives a lot of my work.”

She takes much of her inspiration from the cumbrian landscapes and views and puts her own twist on the images she captures.From pink mountains to purple trees, Katie loves to play with colour in her work, she said: “I love the creative freedom you get with art. You can do anything, create the unexpected. It’s my own little wonderland, an escape. A world of pink mountains and blue trees, it’s just a great way of capturing a place as beautiful as the Lake District, Coast and Cumbrian towns.”

You will notice that much of Katies artwork features flowers or flora of some form, she explained: “My favourite things to draw are flowers and plants, they’re just lovely to create.”

If you are interested in Katies work or would like to see more, her work is available to buy from her online Etsy shop Katie Grosvenor Design or visit her social media pages:

Facebook: Katie Grosvenor Design

Instagram: Katie Grosvenor Design

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