Irvings Mobility – Better Call Paul

Irvings Mobility – Better Call Paul

Irving’s Mobility—now there’s a name many will recognise from years gone by.

Well, they are back—the same family, simply the next generation who have taken up the mantle and continue to service people’s mobility aids across Cumbria and southwest Scotland.

Paul McDonald, who runs Irving’s Mobility, has picked up where his grandfather Maurice left off and is bringing back that first-class service that the name became associated with.

For decades, Irving’s was synonymous with mobility aids, scooters, and wheelchairs. They looked after the whole county as the approved repair contractor for the NHS.

Paul Irving, who launched Irving’s Mobility earlier this year, said, “It’s great to be back in the family business, so to speak. I used to work for my grandparents and know the industry inside and out. What has been particularly nice is visiting people’s homes who used to deal with Maurice, my grandfather, and knew him personally.”

When it comes to repairs and maintenance, you know you’re in safe hands as Paul brings a decade of knowledge and experience that he gained in the family business.

Paul said, “Our home service is critical to many of our customers, and we understand that getting out and about at the best of times can be difficult, so we come to them at a time that suits them. It certainly makes a real difference to their well-being.”

So if you would like your scooter or wheelchair looked at, maintained, or repaired at your home, be sure to call Paul, who will come to your home and either fix your kit there and then, or take it away if needed.

Irving’s Mobility also buys and sells previously owned scooters and wheelchairs, so if you have a scooter or wheelchair that is no longer in use and is taking up space, then call Paul, who will give you a fair valuation. Paul said, “Too many times we hear from families who recently bought a scooter or wheelchair but no longer have the need, and when going back to the original seller, they get offered pretty insulting amounts, if I’m being honest.

We buy many pre-owned scooters and wheelchairs from across Cumbria and the UK. We strip them down, making sure everything is working correctly and safely, then repair them and bring them back to their former glory, making them affordable and available for the next happy owner.”

When not out and about looking after customers, Paul, who went to St. Aidan’s and hails from Rockliff, spends his time being tortured by his two boys, who are 9 and 7 years old.

Who knows? One of these kids may be calling around with spanners in hand as the next generation carries on the family business and sees Irvings Mobility continue to look after customers across Cumbria and southwest Scotland…

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