Insurance Explained with NWB Consultants

There has never been a more important time to visit Insurance Brokers and Independent Financial Advisers like NWB Consultants in Workington. 

Owner, Neil Burns, believes the lockdown has highlighted the need for people to be fully informed when it comes to insurance services and financial advice:  “After the difficult circumstances caused by the global pandemic, now is the time for people to come in, sit down and review their current insurances circumstances.”

NWB Consultants has two separate premises and Lea Blackwell works from the conveniently located offices on Jane Street, where she specialises in general insurance needs like trade, office, pubs, taxis, all types of business risk and car insurance.  Neil offers independent financial advice on pension investment, life cover, mortgages and company schemes at the Brigham office.

“We opened the office in Workington last May because there wasn’t anyone offering face to face brokerage in the area,” explained Neil.  “I have been an IFA for many years and the new office was an expansion into a different area.  Lea has worked for other insurance brokers and general insurance groups for over 20 years, she has vast experience and believes there is a real need for people to be able to walk into a shop and find out what cover is appropriate for them.

It’s especially valuable for people who don’t use the internet and our face to face service helps clearly explain everything and means you’re not simply hoping the policy you bought online will cover you for everything you want.  Our clients can come in, explain what they want and our customised service will tailor a policy to their needs.  Lea will run through everything and explain what you need to know.”

Neil also regularly makes himself available at the Workington office for appointments and Independent Financial Advice for those who can’t travel to Brigham.

Visit NWB Consultants in Workington, just off Washington Square at 26 Jane Street, or give them a call on 01900 827287.   Visit their Facebook page for information and updates.  

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