Eskdale Mill – Taps Into A Times Gone By

Eskdale Mill – Taps Into A Times Gone By – Eskdale Mill stands as a relic of times gone by. The mill dates back to 1547, a time where it would have been an essential part of village life to help folk to eat and drink and process their hand grown grain. In recent years the Mill has been restored to its original working order and is now the only working watermill in the Lake District.

Eskdale Mill is situated in the rural village of Boot, in the Eskdale valley, and is now open to visitors and situated in the most beautiful of settings. When you visit you can expect a multisensory experience, from the smells and sounds of interlocking and rotating cogs to the constant tranquil sound of pouring water, it really instills a sense of peace.

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This particular mill was primarily used for milling oats, barley and wheat, however the original owners of the mill would have also had animals as well as vegetable gardens as was typical of village life. The evidence of their self sufficiency lies in the multitude of buildings within the small complex.

Milling grain was a huge necessity before modern technology and allowed even the poorest of families to make foods such as bread and porridge.

A tour of the mill typically takes around half an hour to an hour but guests are welcome to stay as long as they would like. They have beautiful grounds which are  ideal for a pic-nic and there are also lots of interactive activities for both children and adults to get involved with. You get the opportunity to learn about the mechanics and how a watermill works as well as have fun!

Kate Hughes, Mill Manager said: “We find that people of all ages enjoy the activities. It brings out the inner child in the older generation while the younger generations learn something new and interesting. The sights and sounds surrounding the area make it a really peaceful place to spend some time.”

The Mill is located in the small village of Boot in the Eskdale Valley, why not make a day of your visit. The La’al Ratty – Ravenglass and Eskdale railway terminates at Dalegarth station in Boot which is just a 10 minute walk from the Mill. Its a fantastic journey end to end or just hop on at one of the intermediate stops and explore!

Eskdale Mill is a fantastic reminder of how far society has come and how advanced technology was even 500 years ago – It is open to the public from 10.30am until 4.40pm with their last admission at 4pm. Sunday to Thursday.

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