A date with Derek Acorah at the Carnegie

When he’s not striking up conversations with the deceased, household name Derek Acorah can be found tending to his pet ducks as well as cracking on with his grandfatherly duties.

Whether you believe he has the ability to contact the spirit world or not; Derek is set to return to Cumbria this November with his brand new show, The Soul Reunion Tour.  Our editor, Rachel Flynn caught up with Derek to uncover all things paranormal – (he probably knew what was going to be asked before picking up the phone.)

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With Halloween slowly creeping up on us, it felt like the perfect time for a good chinwag with the popular psychic and showman.

Author, celebrity, television psychic and granddad, to name a few, Derek Acorah certainly has a lot going on. Best known for his work on television series Most Haunted, Derek is no stranger to an interview, although he is normally the one asking the questions and his interviewees aren’t usually living.

It all started for Derek when he was just six years old after becoming aware of the spirit world. At first dismissing it, Derek focused on his football career but years later and despite his success in football he quit before returning to Liverpool to set himself up as a full time medium. He said: “My grandma was a medium, she knew at a very early age that I had the gift, she could see it in me and I had my first spiritual experience at her house. I saw a man who turned out to be my grandfather who passed away two years before I was born.”

Claiming that his powers get stronger as he gets older, Derek continued: “I’m taken aback by some of the things that are happening. I certainly wasn’t as sharp 35 years ago as I am now. I’ve experienced more and more and so you hone that. It’s not something that I’ve contrived; it’s just something that was meant to be.”

On his latest visit to the Lakes, he said: “I’m so looking forward to coming to Cumbria, I love it, and it’s a beautiful part of the country. When I’ve done demonstrations in Cumbria in the past, the audiences are always really lovely.

He continued: “People can expect really energised nights of spiritual demonstrations linking loved ones who have passed over. For a lot of people it is about a sense of healing. It gives people the hope and knowledge that their loved ones are okay, especially when they say who they are with such as other family members who have passed before. It also gives people the reassurance that their loved ones are living on. It’s never goodbye, goodbye is forever and that is not the situation in life. My belief is that we do live on into a very beautiful place.”

Well into his 25 date tour, Derek’s visit to the Carnegie Theatre will be his penultimate show.  With a career spanning more than 40 years, there are bound to be people who hit back at Derek’s claims that he can communicate with the dead; but that has never stopped him. Derek said: “I don’t hold judgements towards people, I leave them be. It’s a big world, and there are an awful lot of people in it and they have a right through freewill to think whatever way they wish.”

If you’ve never been to one of Derek’s shows, you are in for a treat. Derek dives out into the audience and directly talks to individuals in the crowd, often claiming to be contacted by spirits of people they know who have passed away. Naturally this makes for compelling viewing, leaving audiences aghast, emotional and yearning to be singled out by the one and only Derek Acorah.

Talking to the dead might sound like a sad and emotional experience, but Derek doesn’t see his shows as anything other than positive.

He said: “It is never a morbid affair; Derek doesn’t conduct himself that way as a medium. You hear laughter in my evenings, especially if there’s a person who wants to be quite jokey as they were in life. Naturally there is place for emotional tears, but those tears hopefully should be tears of relief, not so much of great sadness.”

You might think that being able to communicate with the spirit world is a full-time job. But for Derek, being able to shut off from any communication is just as important. He said: “My grandmother was a medium for over 50 years and she taught me the discipline – meaning to open and close the link with the world of spirit. So before each show I go into a meditative stance and tell the spirit world that I’m ready to work with them. When I’m done, I go back and thank the spirit world before closing down and asking them to leave me to rest – Without that I’d be ill – no medium should have to stay open to the powers 24/7.”

The Soul Reunion Tour will be hitting the Carnegie Theatre on Thursday November 24 at 7:30pm. Tickets £18.50 | Conc £17.50.

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