Cumbrian business wins national film commission on farming

Cumbrian business, Land & Sky Media, have won a national commission to make film about the challenges of farming.

There is great news for Kendal based business run by partners Dom Bush and Helen Lawrie who been commissioned to make a documentary for the Guardian and Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The film titled ‘Nowt but a fleeting thing’ is due for release later this year and highlights the challenges faced by farmers to make a living at this time of little certainty. Focussing on a local father and son it sets out to question if farming can be sustained in its traditional format and whether it is possible to introduce environmental practices and still make enough money to survive.

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Dom from Land & Sky Media is directing the film, he said: ‘I grew up in Cumbria surrounded by farms and the farming community. It’s an honour to be awarded this commission to make something so close to my heart’.

This is not the first film that the company have produced, anyone watching the trailer for Kendal Mountain Festival last year will have seen their handiwork and they’ve made many films for national and international brands. They specialise in brand funded documentary and for more information can be contacted on their website

Find out more on their current projects here

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