Carlisle Guide 44 January / February 2019

If you’re anything like me then your new year resolutions are probably a thing of the past by now.  I don’t know what your excuse is but I have a problem with my willpower and I might do something about it next year.

But for those that have kept their resolutions, well done, keep at it.  If you’re still forging on with dry January or have started that exercise regime then you’ve come to the right place for inspiration and a few ideas.

If it’s a make a major change you want then you’ll enjoy our feature on a local couple who have taken the plunge and fostered three siblings.  A bold decision but one that significantly changes lives for the better.

Of course we realise everyone can’t make such a massive commitment so we’ve listed a whole raft of events over the year.  If you’ve taken to the gym or you’re pounding the streets in your high visibility clothes then we have a nice schedule of runs, swims, cycle races and mud events coming up in our region that will make all that training worthwhile.  Some are a little extreme but many are also great fun and with any luck it will spark your friends and family into action too.

For some of us, lots of small achievements are far more enjoyable and we highlight a world class walk right on our doorstep.  Hadrian’s Wall path is 84 miles long but the beauty of living so close is we can do it in easy little sections of a few miles at a time.  Who knows, by the time the year is over you may have walked the whole wall?

Of course all work and no play makes us all very boring so you can let off a bit of steam at the Big Burns Supper which will be taking place in Dumfries.  Spread over 11 days there’s plenty to see and do.

If this is the year you say ‘I Do’ then you’ll be delighted with our wedding guide which is filled with top tips and great ideas.

We shine a spotlight on the Fell Top Assessors who’ll climb Helvellyn everyday throughout the winter.  They’ll be reporting on conditions and offering advice which will keep countless climbers safe.

And I’ve barely got space to mention all the festivals, live music, artists, events, charities and businesses that add a little bit of light to these dark nights.

Welcome to 2019, it’s going to be a busy year.



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