Dalston’s Favourite Baker Gets Set to Take On New Venture

There won’t be a dry eye in the village when much loved baker Alison Hadden shuts the doors to The Bakery  in Dalston on Christmas Eve after taking on a new venture. 

Working at the long established bakery in the quaint town for the past 12 years, Alison took over the business on Christmas Eve six years ago in 2010. Since then, school children, local workers, and residents have been flocking to the family run business for their fix of sweet treats and homemade bread.


Alison who often starts her day at the eye watering time of 4am said: “I’m going to be really sad to go, and people have been guilt tripping me all week. I’m really going to miss all my regulars, especially all the school children and the mad rush at 12.25pm when they all come in for their lunches, but I am looking forward to a lie in.”

When one door closes, another one opens, and the saying rings true for Alison who has recently taken on The Station Inn in Kirkpatrick Fleming. She added: “We opened in December and it’s been going really well; we will be starting to serve food very shortly.” Alison added that her most loved bakes and breads will be on offer at the pub in the near future.

It seems Alison’s bakes will be sorely missed with locals and regulars commenting: “the best pies in town” and “cheese and onion pie…. you won’t find better.”

And, for those who can’t comprehend life without Alison’s lovingly made bakes, she assures locals that she will still be visiting Dalston twice a day to collect her son from school. She laughed: “Anyone who wants anything can call me at the Station and I will bring bits down for them. Almost like a personal delivery service.”


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