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Eyecott Hill Nature Reserve near Penrith

Become A Nature Detective This Half-Term

Become a nature detective this half term and see how many mini-beasts, flowers, birds, and mammals you can discover as you venture through the boggy and rocky terrain of Eycott Hill Nature Reserve near Penrith. The free family event on Wednesday 30th May (10:00am – 3:00pm) will be led by Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Cumbria Biodiversity […]

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The Advantages Of Neutering Your Pet

Oak Tree Animals’ Charity highlight the advantages of neutering your pet.   Did you know that one un-neutered female cat could potentially be responsible for up to 20,000 descendants within five years? Female cats can become pregnant as early as 4 months of age and can produce up to 18 kittens per year, the numbers soon […]

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New Wardens Enjoy Outdoor Office Life on Cumbria’s Coast

Seasonal wardens have just been appointed to monitor and protect the wildlife on two dramatic coastal sites managed by Cumbria Wildlife Trust: Rockliffe Marsh in the Solway Firth and Foulney Island Nature Reserve near Barrow.   Erin Madden is the new warden at Rockcliffe Marsh, a privately-owned area of grazed saltmarsh, approximately 1,000 hectares in size, […]

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The Common Piddock (Pholas Dactylus)

By Mark Vollers This bivalve  mollusc, a type of clam, is remarkable not only because of its lifestyle but also where it has left evidence of its presence in the Solway Firth. nitially it’s free swimming offspring (larvae) live on rock surfaces like mussels, but they soon start to bore into the rock by making […]

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Oaktree Animals’ Charity: Why you need to get your pet chipped

Oaktree Animals’ Charity explain why chipping your pet is so important.   At Oak Tree Animals’ Charity we get many calls from owners who have lost their beloved pet and many of the animals we see do not have a microchip or, the details associated with the chip are incorrect. The latest figures from the Dog’s Trust Stray […]

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Popular Nature Reserve Making the Wild Accessible for Everyone

We all need a bit of wilderness to soothe the soul from time to time, which is why Watchtree Nature Reserve offers an escape that’s accessible to everyone. Located near the village of Wiggonby, six miles west of Carlisle, Watchtree Nature Reserve is a thriving wildlife haven, home to hundreds of thousands of species. Roe […]

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Dog’s vs Cats: Which Makes The Better Pet?  

The Cats Vs Dogs controversy has gone on for thousands of years, ever since they were domesticated. But which makes the best pet?    The answer depends largely on the owner’s personality and requirements for animal companionship.   Dogs are intensely loyal to the people who feed them. They can be hostile to perceived “invaders,” and a […]

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Spring at The Lake District Coast Aquarium

By Mark Vollers  Mark Vollers gets ready for a busy season at the Lake District Coast Aquarium.   Spring starts earlier than on land in our local Solway Firth marine environment as rapidly increasing light intensity and hours of daylight trigger the first plankton bloom. This in turn supports the growth of countless millions of newly hatched fish fry […]

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A Dog’s Life in The Lake District

Man’s best friend, the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs have been saving lives on the fells for 25 years. A few years ago two groups of climbers were stuck on Skiddaw, caught up in a winter storm. The Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs were deployed along with Keswick Mountain Rescue Team. What the […]

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Wild About Cumbria – Otters

In this installment of our Wild About Cumbria series, Danielle Murphy delves deeper into the lives of Cumbria’s otters. There are few people that can honestly say they don’t experience the heartwarming feeling that  comes over most of us at the sight of otters holding hands. Let’s be honest, when Blue Planet 2 featured otters […]

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