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Wild About Cumbria – Otters

In this installment of our Wild About Cumbria series, Danielle Murphy delves deeper into the lives of Cumbria’s otters. There are few people that can honestly say they don’t experience the heartwarming feeling that  comes over most of us at the sight of otters holding hands. Let’s be honest, when Blue Planet 2 featured otters […]

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The Red Squirrels of Forest How

While red squirrels continue to suffer from a major decline in the UK, one west Cumbrian guest house is lucky enough to have its very own community of them in the grounds. At one time red squirrels could be found all over Great Britain they can now only be spotted in wooded areas in the […]

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Wild About West Cumbria – Jackdaws

A magnificent bird that is somewhat misunderstood, Danielle Murphy gets familiar with the Jackdaw. Jackdaws are the smallest member of the corvid or crow family, which also includes raven, carrion crow and jay. Similar to other Corvids these beautiful birds is extremely adaptable, living in farmland woodland or even the urban cities. They are known […]

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Wild About Cumbria – Butterflies

In the latest installment of our Wild About Cumbria series, Danielle Murphy takes a closer look at the breathtaking butterflies we may spot in the garden this summer. Cumbria is often thought of as beautiful for its lakes, mountains and scenery. However true this may be, it isn’t just the national parks which boast all […]

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To Bee or not to Bee

By Danielle Murphy In the latest installment of our Wild about Cumbria, Danielle Murphy takes a look at one of the most important species you will see this summer. This particular animal is smaller than a mouse, yet vital to our way of life. If you haven’t already guessed, it is our friend the Bumblebee. […]

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Wild About West Cumbria: Hedge-Hogging Our Attention

In the second of our wild about Cumbria series, our resident wildlife guru, Danielle Murphy delves into the prickly world of hedgehogs and explains just how we can help to protect them by creating safe havens in our own gardens. They’re small, they’re super cute and they are covered in prickles. Yes, I am referring […]

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Wild About Carlisle

Photo – Richard Butler In Carlisle we are surrounded by some amazing habitats and wonderful wildlife. The Eden is one of England’s most valuable rivers for wildlife, with breeding salmon and trout. It’s also home to otters, lamprey and the rare white-clawed crayfish. The Solway Firth is one of the most important estuaries for wildlife […]

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Cumbrian Wildlife: Coastal Birds

Every year thousands of people flock to West Cumbria to admire the coastal views, discover the local history and tackle the nearby fells. But, not only is our county home to some of the most fantastic views in Britain, it is also home to a wide variety of British wildlife. This edition of The West […]

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