Gus MacGregor review by Josh Murphy

Spectacular songwriter. Magnificent musician. Fantastic family-man.

Growing up in north west England before traversing to Switzerland for some time and releasing three studio albums Macgregor has assembled much to his name even including a nomination for an Olivier award for best actor in 2000 as well as more recently appearing on BBC radio 2.

Upon watching Gus MacGregor, I felt a shining tone in the way he presented himself; a bright, charismatic man of whom I felt was still incredibly approachable even when he was still on stage!

With originals such as ‘To Do List’ and ‘Falling Back On The 50s’ cleverly customised with a, peculiar yet refreshingly new sound of The Beatles and Country music mashed together; it was a true pleasure to listen to such heartfelt songs of a lifetime.

As mentioned before MacGregor strives to create a personal connection with his audience. Drawing you in though comedic style interludes in-between his songs; of which I thought were exclusively close to him as they included sentimental lyrics about his life experiences, friends and family.

Despite Gus’ display of clearly accomplished song writing, he also shows off an acclaimed proficiency in the guitar. Making use of intricate yet dazzlingly sharp licks and runs that some would consider a risky move on his part yet he pulls it all off in a mind-blowing yet elegant fashion.

MacGregor’s music can be described as a spicy blend of western country with a hint of modernism without joining in with the commotion of todays ‘mainstream’ trash! I can gladly say it was a pleasure to watch a very revitalizing take on song writing as well as impressive musicianship.

Article by: Josh Murphy,17

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