Cumbrian Artist Captures Essence of Brunton Park


Every match day, thousands of devoted Carlisle United fans flock through the gates of Brunton Park. Warwick Road comes alive with the buzz of excitement and anticipation. The unmistakable hum of activity can be heard, as queues form outside Claire’s Bakery and budding fans clutch their Fathers as they dash towards the crowded stands.


In the latest installment of his Wet Streets by Twilight series, artist Graham Twyford has perfectly depicted the renowned Brunton Park ritual. Re-creating every magnificent match-day detail, Graham has managed to capture the exceptional atmosphere and nothing illustrates this more than the humanity of the characters on his canvas.

Graham began the Wet Streets by Twilight series after moving away from the Lakeland landscapes he was so familiar with. Finding himself inspired by Carlisle’s charming cobbled streets and iconic towers, he went on to paint some of the city’s most recognisable landmarks. The result is series of work that has stolen the hearts of many, especially those with a soft spot for the city.

The combination of intense colour schemes and striking lighting effects lend a unique style to Graham’s paintings, allowing him to portray the familiar streets of Carlisle in a contrasting way to how they usually appear. Graham has always been drawn to the atmospheric works of Victorian painter Atkinson Grimshaw, but wanted to experiment with a modern take on the style.

Graham said: “When you use such intense effects, it adds a story and a poetry to a place that people seem to like.”

“I was once asked what luminous paint I use, which amused me because I just use ordinary paint – it’s the balance of the tones that makes it work.”

After the success of the iconic spots in the city, such as the cathedral and the citadel, the team at the Edwin Talbot gallery suggested he pay a visit to Warwick Road on a match day to see the excitement for himself.

Graham said: “I came up to Carlisle on a match day and I thought it was great, there was so much activity and hustle and bustle. It’s not a traditional spot for a painting, but it is so full of humanity that it was immediately obvious to me that it would make a great composition.”

It is this humanity and the personal aspect of the painting, that makes it one of Graham’s favourites in the series. The characters portrayed are all real, painted from people he observed over several visits to Brunton Park.

He said: “People have actually identified themselves in the painting. The stewards were there every week so they became prominent characters and Claire’s Bakery also made a nice incidental addition to the work. It was about depicting the whole atmosphere.”

“Carlisle has a long match day tradition, it is nice to think of all the generations of people who have walked through that spot.”

Brunton Park by Graham Twyford, is currently on display at the Edwin Talbot & Co. gallery in Carlisle. The gallery has exclusively stocked the Wet Streets by Twilight collection.

Gallery Owner, Ben Helsop said: “We’ve built the collection up over the years, each time a different area of Carlisle.

“Brunton Park has been really well received by both the club and the fans. It focuses on the part of Carlisle we have not yet managed capture.”

Prints from the Wet Streets by Twilight collection are available to buy from the Edwin Talbot & Co gallery.

The Edwin Talbot & Co gallery also offers Interest Free Credit on any piece of artwork over £300. The total cost of the artwork can be spread over a number of instalments, for example, 10 monthly payments of £30.

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